Your child’s 1st hair cut is a special occasion for the parents. Do you think the child thinks same?

When I was pregnant I thought id have this baby with lovely curly hair or afro hair that I could braid and put up. As my husband is Jamaican.

He on the other hand warned me how hard it is to maintain and reminisced on the tugs & tears which were later expressed by other friends and family members.

My son was born with dead straight thick black hair which slowly turned into the curly ‘mop’ he has now and secretly I always wanted him to have.

Now 1st hair cuts- when do you do it? At what age? Is it that you just want it trimmed to keep a strand of hair or it needs cutting? Where do you go? Barbers or hairdresser? Will he be better in a car seat at a kids barbers? Should I take the ipad? Does he sit on my lap or on the chair alone? Will he cry? How embarrassing if he wont have it cut. He will waste an appointment. Will I get charged if he wont have it cut but they tried?

These are all the Questions which go through our heads, maybe as 1st time mums 2nd time round I guess you know what to expect.

As well as that I also had running around my head. Will they know how to cut my sons hair? Do I go to an afro carribean barbers? Will they listen to what I want? I was told not to cut his hair for 2years as the texture will change now it looks like this! we love it really but definately needs a cut.

Which brings us to this blog. I will be blogging ‘my sons’ 1st hair cut. But 1st the reasons why we have finally decided to have it cut & why we are blogging it.

Hopefully it will be helpful for other mothers, especially for mothers of Children with Mixed hair. I Will be showing the struggle we go through daily, the products we have used, that have helped and hindered and the final Cut at Constantines Salon ?